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ALL AMERICAN+ Field House's Pickleball Training:

  • enhances on court techique and strategies by improving dinks, drives, serves, endurance, and more,  leading to enhanced performance on the court.


  • incorporate injury prevention exercises and proper technique, reducing the risk of common sports-related injuries and promoting long-term athletic sustainability.


  • focuses on skill development, refining technique, and coordination, allowing athletes to maximize their performance for recreational and competitive performance. 


  • has positive effects on mental well-being, promoting discipline, resilience, self-confidence, and goal-setting skills, all of which are transferable to various aspects of life beyond sports. 

Rocco profile.jpeg

Stacy Moon

  • Stacy will have another guy Michael working with her, might just do head shots for each?  EDIT

  • M.S. in Exercise Science with a focus in Sports Performance

  • Former Strength Coach for Robert Morris University

  • Division I Strength and Conditioning Coach Experience with football, basketball, baseball, and lacrosse

  • Former Marine Corps Officer

 Pickleball Performance Programs

Private One-on-One Training $60 per hr

Athlete Group Training Clinics

1 hr  - $20 session

2 hr - $15 session

Group Clinic/Lesson - $80/hr

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