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Show Off Your Brand to the Masses!

Help shape the sports complex that shapes our athletes.

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ALL AMERICAN+ Field House hosts over 150,000 visitors each month. 

In 2020, we began transforming a community asset into a top-tier sports facility. Now, we're inviting you to join us.


By sponsoring a unique and inspirational billboard showcased in a highly visible spot in our complex, you'll help ensure the Field House's future as a vibrant community hub, while promoting your brand.

Take advantage of the opportunity to put your brand in the spotlight in front of this loyal, sports-minded audience. 



Sponsorship Billboard Pricing


*Founders Introductory pricing, subject to change without notice.  A limited number of sponsorships are available.


Gold Level

  • 12-foot by 6-foot custom artwork billboard 

  • your choice of location from the options we provide

Silver Level

  • 8-foot by 6-foot billboard

  • your choice of location from the options we provide

Bronze Level

  • 6 foot by 6 foot (square) billboard

  • our choice of location 

Friends of the
Field House Level

  • 2.5 foot by 5 foot billboard

  • our choice of location 

Billboard Sponsor Additional Perks and Bonus Items:

All billboard sponsorships include: 

  • Four 2-hour sessions per year in the 360+ Conference Space or the Team Room at no additional charge

  • Up to 2 waived room rentals per year with purchase of catered food and beverage package (for use in Team Room, Restaurant, or 360 spaces.)

  • Your business logo on our website!

  • Payment packages to suit your needs. 25% of first year down (non-refundable)

  • Autopay 


In addition to your company name, logo, and other identifying information you choose (tagline, website, phone number), the billboard's primary feature will be a "lifestyle/athlete/sport" photo in keeping with the Field House aesthetic. You have the option of providing the photo for approval by the Field House or choosing from the imagery we provide.

click to enlarge image.

Sponsor Billboard Samples

Samples are shown as Gold Level: 12-foot x 6-foot but can be scaled to other level sizes.

click to enlarge image.

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