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Empower Your Employees  through Wellness

At the crossroads of community and sports, we stand with open arms for businesses of all sizes.

Larger Businesses


  • 100 employees or more

  • Benefit from a 50% discount on fitness memberships - with flexible payment options by either employee or employer.

Small to Medium Businesses

  • Less than 100 employees

  • Businesses of all sizes can enjoy 50% off fitness memberships upon purchase of a sponsorship, offering payment flexibility for employees or employers.

Gold Level Sponsor Billboard example 10 - fball.png

Showcase your brand with our sponsorship opportunities while prioritizing the wellness of your team with our corporate memberships. 


Discover the variety of our sponsorships. Want to learn more? Reach out to us for personalized advice on your Wellness and Sponsorship plans!

Pair a Healthier Workforce with a Stronger Brand

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