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Sports Team Training

Athlete Group Training

One-on-One Training

ALL AMERICAN+ Field House's Sports Performance Training

  • enhances physical capabilities by improving strength, speed, agility, and endurance, leading to enhanced performance on the field or court.


  • incorporate injury prevention exercises, reducing the risk of common sports-related injuries and promoting long-term athletic sustainability.


  • focuses on skill development, refining technique, and coordination, allowing athletes to maximize their potential. 


  • has positive effects on mental well-being, promoting discipline, resilience, self-confidence, and goal-setting skills, all of which are transferable to various aspects of life beyond sports. 

Sports Performance Programs

Team Training

$10 per athlete/per session

Athlete Group Training

Drop in $20 
1 session a week/1 month) - $90

2 sessions a week/1 month) - $140

2 Seasonal (2 sessions a week/3 consecutive months) - $390

3 Monthly (3 sessions a week/1 month) - $200

3x Seasonal (3 sessions a week/3 consecutive months - $560

Private One-on-One Training 
$60 per hr

Adult Personal Fitness

Drop in - $20

Monthly - $100

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