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Pittsburgh's Premier Sports, Fitness & Event Complex

Where Community and Sport Meet


Where Community and Sport Meet

ALL AMERICAN+ Field House in Monroeville, PA, is now offering memberships to our state-of-the-art Sports Performance and Fitness center. Memberships are available for all fitness levels and all ages. This stunning new facility offers a place to achieve your fitness goals, through personal training, sports performance training, weight lifting, classes, and more.  ​

Train Like An All American

Fuel + Gear

Autonomous Market

We are excited to introduce the Pittsburgh market to the first ultra-convenience store, FUEL+GEAR. The automated market is a cross between a convenience store and a vending machine, allowing users to make a purchase without check-out, using just their phone or credit card to enter.  The market uses high tech cameras to know which items were purchased.


Products available in the FUEL+GEAR market include traditional vending items, team wear and sports gear, nutrition bars, and more!

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Parties in our TEAM ROOM with SPORT COURT

Let us help you create a fun, sporty, and special birthday party for your birthday boy or girl in our roomy "Team Room" party space. Enjoy the space for food, drinks, and presents, and then let the party guests enjoy the adjacent enclosed sport court for on-court fun! Or, make it even more unforgettable by adding any of our court or turf surfaces!

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Coming Soon...


Where Community, Food + Sport Meet

Ever since CADENCE+ Clubhouse was launched late November 2020 in North Park, it has encouraged the gathering of people passionate about life, health, family and fun. Now we're bringing our delicious Clubhouse food and engaging, family-friendly atmosphere to the ALL AMERICAN+ Field House in Monroeville. We have built this Clubhouse for you.

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